How to Widen Driveway Cheaply

The driveway of your house is the first feature guests notice. Not only does it play a role in curb appeal, but it’s also functional — providing a safe and convenient way to get in and out of your property.

If your driveway is too narrow, it can be difficult to maneuver around, especially if you have a larger vehicle. And if it’s in poor condition, it can also be a safety hazard.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can widen your driveway without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll share tips on doing just that.

Difference Between Driveway Extension and Driveway Paving

There are a few key differences between driveway extensions and driveway paving.


Driveway extension is less expensive than driveway paving. It can make a big difference in cost and time commitment. Driveway extensions typically involve adding to the existing driveway, while driveway paving generally refers to starting from scratch.

Paving your driveway is a more expensive and permanent option. Paved driveways also require more maintenance than extended driveways.


Driveway extension is also less permanent, making it a good option for people who are not ready to make a long-term commitment to their property.

Paving your driveway is a more expensive and permanent option. Paved driveways also require more maintenance than extended driveways.


Driveway extension can be done more quickly and cheaply than driveway paving, but it may not provide the same durability or aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, driveway paving can be more expensive and time-consuming, but it will usually result in a higher quality finished product.

Ways to Expand Your Driveway

If your driveway has to be expanded, there are a few different ways to do so without spending a lot of money. The following are some suggestions on how to widen your driveway cheaply:

1. Extend the existing driveway.

Building an extension is one of the simplest and most effective ways to widen your driveway by simply extending the existing concrete or asphalt with new materials.

You can extend it by a few feet if you have extra space on either side of your driveway. It is usually the cheapest option, as you won’t need to buy any new materials. Just ensure that you extend the driveway evenly, so it doesn’t look odd.

2. Pave over the existing driveway.

Paving over a portion of your lawn adjacent to the driveway will give you a few extra feet of width to work with and can be more aesthetically pleasing than an extension.

If your existing driveway is starting to show its age, you can pave over it with a new layer of pavement. It is usually more expensive than extending the driveway, but it will give your home a new look.

3. Add a gravel driveway.

If you have a gravel driveway, you may also be able to add more material to widen it. It is usually the most affordable option, but it will require more upkeep over time since the gravel can shift and settle.

If you reside in rural areas, you may be able to get away with adding a gravel driveway. It is usually the cheapest option, as you won’t need to do any paving. Just ensure that you grade the driveway properly, so it drains properly.

4. Hire a professional.

If you’re unsure of your ability to widen your driveway, contact Bluff City Paving to do it for you. It is considered the most expensive option, but it will ensure that the job is done properly. Saving your time and effort. Make sure you get a few estimates before hiring someone to know you’re getting a good deal.

5. Get creative.

There are many ways that you can widen your driveway without spending a lot of money. If you get creative, you may be able to find a solution that works for you.


You can create a beautiful new driveway that will add value to your home with a little effort. Whichever approach you use, remember to take your time and do it correctly. A poorly executed driveway widening can devalue your home, so it’s important to do it right first.

The best option for your home will depend on your budget and personal preferences. A driveway extension may be the better option if you are looking for something quick and cheap. However, if you are willing to spend more money and time, paving will likely give you a better overall result.

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